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How to transfer Econet airtime

By Tulip Chiroro

THERE are times when you need to share your airtime credit with friends and loved ones. You probably have been in one of those not-so-good times when the only available airtime credit is already in someone’s phone and it has to be shared with another party.

While most people are used to buying airtime for their colleagues using EcoCash or directly sending an airtime recharge number, it is easier to directly send airtime to another Econet subscriber and the process takes less than a minute.

Besides, the process of transferring airtime is free and does not require any particular app on your device and it also requires no data. It is a purely USSD facility pretty much like checking airtime balance.

How to transfer airtime to another Econet subscriber

Econet allows subscribers to share airtime credit with fellow subscribers using the user interface USSD *111#. We give the steps below for this peer-to-peer transfer.

  1. Dial *111#. (If you’re not already registered on the *111# platform, you’ll be taken through a quick registration process in which you’ll create a PIN for your interface);
  2. Once inside the interface, select option 3 (Transfer Airtime);
  3. Enter your PIN for *111# interface;
  4. Enter destination number;
  5. Enter transfer amount and comfirm.

You’ll get a notification for a successful transfer, and any reason if the transfer has been unsuccessful.

Can you convert airtime to EcoCash wallet?

You might be a little bit pressed for cash but loaded in the airtime credit balance, in which case you might fancy converting your airtime balance to EcoCash wallet. Or, you might have purchased a huge amount of airtime in error and want to convert a chunk of it back to your EcoCash wallet.

Unfortunately, as we publish this article, Econet has no option or facility to convert airtime credit to EcoCash credit. The only conversion available in this regard is EcoCash credit to airtime purchase.

Can you transfer airtime to other networks?

Unfortunately again, Econet allows airtime transfer only to other Econet subscribers.

Can you borrow airtime and transfer it?

Another commonly asked question is whether one can transfer borrowed airtime to another subscriber. When you borrow airtime from Econet, your artime credit balance becomes negative but you can still call, browse and send text messages using that negative balance.

Unfortunately, that borrowed airtime cannot be transferred to other subscribers. It is precisely meant to be used by the borrower and nobody else. □

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