Where on Earth is the revamped YoMix app?

WHEN a monstrously huge organization such as Econet Zimbabwe – with all the PR machinery and human and financial resources – makes an official announcement of a product launch, one expects the product to be immediately available.

After all, why would one announce the unveiling of something that’s not even there? A week after announcing a new revamped Yomix app, Econet hasn’t released the app and hasn’t communicated a reason for the delay or even applogized, much to the chagrin of especially its highend users who use the latest Adroid software.

Just where under the Sun is the recently launched Yomix app?

The problem

The Yomix app currently available on Google Playstore crashes when opened on a device running Android 11 (One UI 3+). While the USSD version of Yomix, available on *142#, seems to work just fine, the Yomix app has given subscribers running Android 11 a torrid time for over a year now.

The app boasts over 100,000 downloads but the review rating is now at 3.3 out of 5, a clear sign of the effect of unattended frustration and complaints among the subscribers.

When one installs Yomix app on a device running Android 11, the installation completes without any glitches. Trouble starts when one opens the app, in which case it crashes immediately and shuts down without giving the user any interface.

Econet subscribers vent out on the review section of the site.

The developer, Econet Zimbabwe, continues looking the other way even after announcing last week that the app had been revamped.

Venting out

Temperatures are heating up on the review section of the app on Playstore, with subscribers sharing their horror at the hands of the country’s largest telephony services provider.

Subscribers continue venting out their frustration while hoping a solution is presented soon: it is not easy to dump Econet services as the competition usually is found wanting as well.

One can say Econet has been abusing clients for long taking advantage of poor and inconsistent competition. Econet has enough resources at its call and beck to fix Yomix app limitations within the blink of an eye.

A commom belief among the Yomix app users on the review section is that Econet is mow seized with getting new Yomix app while not rewarding the loyal subscribers by simply ensuring the app has full functionality all the times.

Econet subscribers feel the mobile telephone operator is neglecting them.

Apart from the Android 11 limitations, the currently available Yomix app has been roundly criticized for offering paltry discounts of around 10% unlike the early days of discounts hovering above 30 percent. This has added to the sentiment by some that Econet does not give a hoot about customer loyalty and always seeks to bring in new customers

All hype, no beer

All the features and functionality of Yomix app will count for zero if media hype does not tally with what’s om the ground. Econet has a history of products it launched amid much pompfare, only for the project to fizzle out and lose sparkle in no time.

An app that does not keep abreast with the latest technological advancement is not worth staying up on any app-store.

Way forward

The frustration by Econet subscribers over the Yomix app show a clientele that is stuck with Econet as the telecoms sector hasn’t got any cutthroat competition. This is why the app developers can afford to sleep at the wheel.

Yomix is a good app that Econet has for some unknown reason abandoned like an old chair. It will be great if the app is updated. Also, Econet must stop the business of announcing products and or services which are unavailable. This causes anxiety, damages the brand and leaves subscribers in a tight squeeze □

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