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Enter the Value Creation Challenge and give your business a chance to excel

OLD Mutual Zimbabwe in association with the British Council and Eight2Five Innovation Hub are offering opportunities for Zimbabwean start-ups to participate in a challenge which will see the winning businesses being provided with seed capital and a possibility to work under the mentorship of Old Mutual.

Value Creation Challenge, which is a national programme, seeks to empower startups which provide sustainable and innovative solutions to modern challenges such as climate change, socioe-conomic challenges and more.

It’s only less than three days before the closing date but you can still pull something off.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Challenge is open free of charge to Zimbabwean nationals aged 18 to 45 years;
  2. Only Zimbabwean start-ups of less than 7 years in operation are eligible;
  3. Employees of Old Mutual and their close fmilt members are NOT eligible
  4. Only applicants who have ownership rights over the business or ideas they presenf for the challenge are eligible.

What happens?

  1. At least four businesses that make it into the Accelerator Program will be given seed money;
  2. Over and above the seed fund, the successful entrepreneurs get office space at the exquisite Eight2Five Innovation Hub;
  3. Mentorship is provided to the shortlisted businesses;
  4. Capacitation workshops and marketing and other business support such as coaching are provided.

Target businesses

The Value Creation Challenge this year targets entrepreneurs that fall under the main pillars below:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Digital Content Creation
  3. Emerging Technology
  4. Climate Action
  5. Young and Funky.

What’s the closing date?

  • Closing date for the entries is 8 July 2021.

How to apply

Last year’s edition benefitted several entrepreneurs and start-ups. The finalists last year were Asambe Mobility, Nezox Investments and Bespoke Delights.

Previous research shows that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 70 percent or businesses in country. The SMEs employ 60 percent of Zimbabwe’s workforce and contribute nearly 50 percent of Zimbabwe’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). □

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