"We need a love revolution" - Linda Masarira teaches the nation a thing or two about love. SOURCE: Masarira Twitter @lilomatic

No big deal about me kissing my husband in public: Masarira

LOVE is such a beautiful thing, Linda Masariria has said following days of social media debates after she shared high-octane images of herself and hubby getting close and personal together. Her detractors literally had their knickers in a twist after Masarira unloaded cosy photo of herself and the potential future First Gentleman.

Masarira has told off social media police who criticized her for publicly showing affection to her husband, saying that she was living her life to the full and owed noone an explanation for her love life choices.

The opposition LEAD founding president has been trending on social media platforms all week after she shared photos of herself kissing and huggjng her husband at some secluded outing. The photos drew heated reactions with many accusing her of being childish and acting unlike a national political leader.

You can’t love the country when you can’t love your own people,” says the LEAD president.

But Masarira, never the one to be bullied around, has shot back saying even first world Presidents like France’s Emmanuel Macron do what she did. She even shared photos of Macron deeply kissing his wife Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron, aged 68.

Brigitte was 40 years old in 1993 when she met then 15-year-old Emmanuel Macron at a high school where she was teaching. Macron was learning in the same class with Brigitte’s daughter. In an astonishing turn of events, Brigitte divorced her husband in 2006 and married Macron the following year.

Masarira, who seems inspired by the great love story of Brigitte and Macron, dug out photos of the French couple kissing in public and showed it in the face of her naysayers.

“This is the President of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife. They hold hands, kiss and show affection and there is no hullabaloo about it. Unfortunately my people because they are so used to the abnormal they decide to become moral barometers because something is lacking somewhere,” Masarira hit back.

“Love is a beautiful thing; it can’t be hidden and neither can one pretend to be in love,” says love-struck Linda Masarira.

She described love as a beautiful thing to be enjoyed fully when one stops pretending.

“Love is a beautiful thing; it can’t be hidden and neither can one pretend to be in love. Stop pretending and just live your best life. No one owes anyone an explanation. Musarwadziwe nevanodanana! (Don’t hate!).

Linda Masarira

“One thing that people don’t appreciate is that charity begins at home. You can’t love the world when you don’t love at home. You can’t love the country when you can’t love your own people. We all need a love revolution. It is not taboo to show affection neither is it immoral.”

While most of her political opponents openly mocked her with others crossing into the bullying territory, Masarira shot back as much as she got and insisted she was living her life the way she wanted and owed noone an explanation.

Others, however, warned Masarira to keep relationships put of social media as the end of the relationship would also come back to social media with drastic consequences for her politics.

Masarira: “We all need a love revolution. It is not taboo to show affection neither is it immoral.”

Masarisa said she had her own style of living her life to the full and warned social media police to stay cool down and keep to their lane.

“We all have political, social and economic livelihoods. What I don’t understand is that people want to gag me when I express my happiness, contentment and peace of mind when I prove happiness in my life,” she said.

Linda Masarira

“Life is all about happiness, love and peace at home and this man has managed that! Why do people like dictating what people should do or not? I have my own style and way of doing things, you have to get used to me and my way of doing things.”

Isn’t love such a beautiful thing? □

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