Samantha Musa, popularly known as MisRed

MisRed writes a book on happiness

MEDIA personality and influencer Samantha Musa has added yet another feather to her ever expanding cap after she successfully finished writing a motivational and inspirational book which is now available for sale.

Samantha, popularly known as MisRed, says the book came about as a result of her own experiences in her search for happiness. It is titled ‘Be Faithful to Your Happiness,”

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“For a very long time happiness was to me a fleeting concept. One that was always tied to something. A person, a place, a moment, something tangible,” MisRed opened up.

“So when that thing was removed, so was my happiness. At some point I didn’t want my happiness to be a guessing game anymore and that pursuit to find the answers is what led to this book.”

The book is available at US$10 a copy, and is being delivered straight to the purchaser’s doorstep for those with a Harare address. Online shop Bhakosi is selling the book on its shop. You can purchase the book HERE.

MisRed says she is excited to be partnering with Bhakosi Online to get her book straight to the door steps around the city. The book is expected to do well with early reactions indicating that the market is keen to buy.

“This book is a journey of discovery, it’s about the decision to be in control of my happiness. It’s about faithfulness to a process and finding beauty in the obvious,” says MisRed.

MisRed is popular on the ZiFM Stereo drivetime program The Rush. She has also has her hands into philanthropy, travel, brand marketing and music. □

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