The trailblazing Maud Chifamba

NEWSMAKER: Maud Chifamba becomes a Chartered Accountant at age 23

AN average 23 year-old is still grappling with career choices or juggling high school exam re-sits, while others would have long kicked away books and pens to hustle it out on the streets.

For Zimbabwe’s celebrated whizkid Maud Chifamba, she’s only 23 but now thrust deep in corporate management and rubbing shoulders in boardrooms with 50-year old business veterans.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe (ICAZ), which regulates the profession in the country, confirmed her qualification and full membership in an email whose mugshot Maud shared.

“If anyone had told me ndiri ku primary I would be a CA, it would be unbelievable, the biggest joke,” Chifamba remarked Thursday after officially qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

“All odds were against this. Kwatinobva kure (I’ve come a long way)! This is why this means so much more. Inini chaiye, a whole Chartered Accountant.”

It has been nine years of serious work and focus for the young lady, who made history when she enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe in 2012 as a raw teenager together with her brother.

She enrolled for an Accounting degree at the age of 14, an African record achievement, and aced it in no time with distinctions.

The product of a poor Gokwe family, Maud and her brother Mukundi were raised by their step-brother near Kwekwe at a plot. She did home schooling due to school fees problems, and passed A Level with flying colours at the age of 13.

She then enrolled for university on the support of a ZIMRA scholarship. After her first degree, Maud went further and graduated with a Masters in Accountancy from the UZ in 2018.

Maud being capped by then President Robert Mugabe in 2016

She then delved into the corporate world and achieved various other accolades while pursuing her qualification as a Chartered Accountancy. That journey has finally taken her to this day.

“It’s officially a happy ending to an incredible story. This is the day we prayed for, a beautiful ending,” Maud gushed to her followers on social media.

Vadikani, mhururu kumatenga. Denga rakatiwanira nyasha (Heavens be praied, for They have blessed me).”

Maud, who has also carved a niche as a motivational speaker owing to her trailblazing story, has a word or two for anyone out there.

“Dear anyone reading this – please know your dreams are valid, and nothing is impossible. It will take time, sweat, and a lot of faith. But it is possible,” Maud remarked.

Maud’s story has been captured globally. She has spoken to audiences in Rome, Italy, and other capitals on her success story.

In 2012, Forbes ranked her the 5th out of its top 100 Most Influential Young Women in the world. Maud, who tuens 24 in November, was only 15 at that time. □

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