Seke Road traffic logjam. PHOTO: HourlyHits

No police roadblocks before 10am: Govt reviews lockdown measures

GOVERNMENT has tweaked the current level 4 lockdown measures and now says roadblocks will only start after the rush hours of 06:00 – 10:00 hours.

Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana made the announcement Tuesday. “The current enforcement of lockdown measures has been reviewed. Roadblocks will only start after the rush hours of 0630 to 1000. Between 1000 and 1830 there will be roadblocks whose purpose is to enforce the lockdown and keep people safe. Curfew remains 1830-0600.”

The move appears to be inspired by the massive blockage along the Seke Road on Tuesday, with vehicles locked for hours on end as police enforced what has been roundly blasted as an “unreasonable” gridlock on travellers.

Most of the motorists, with documentation proving they are in the essential services category, had to switch off their engines and bask in the Sun as traffic hardly moved.

The police camped on Manyame Bridge and blocked one lane, while the one they kept open was barely moving as officers took long to process a single vehicle’s passage.

Watch the video below.

Most motorist turned back and abandoned the trip into town.

More details on this will follow…

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