Protesters burn down and loot from a factory in South Africa.

South Africans will quickly rebuild their nation, unlike ‘cowardly’ Zimbabweans

SOUTH Africa’s economy has taken a major knock since last week when protesters went beyond political issues and ransacked shopping malls and factories, looting everything from foodstuffs to hardware items and even alcohol.

The damage inflicted on the economy which is already reeling from Covid-19 lockdowns cannot be overemphasized. Some businesses might never recover the rampant looting and those that will turnaround will most definitely do so at a huge cost.

But a school of thought has emerged that while indeed the economy has taken a hit from the protests, South Africans will soon reflect, rebuild and remain Africa’s most diversified economy.

“What will make it easy for South Africa to rebuild is that many of the South Africans believe in their country despite the challenges they are facing,” said education planner and pan Africanist Dr Godwin Chireka.

“They don’t see themselves going to another African state to seek refuge because in their minds theirs is the best nation in Africa. In no time they will restore normalcy.

“This explains why some nations on the continent continue backsliding because citizens think there is another utopian environment out there. Mindset is everything when you are faced with challenges,” Dr Chireka said.

Dr Chireka admitted that the level of looting going on in South Africa is probably the worst in the nation’s history, and that rebuilding would take time and commitment. But he reiterated that South Africans will rebuild their own country.

Another analyst, Dr Brian Sedze, concurred and added that a stark contrast between South Africans and Zimbabweans was a mindset issue.

“It’s a purely mindset issue,” said Dr Sedze. “Take a Zimbabwean to Johannesburg, United Kingdom, United States etc. In a month s/he would not have changed not only accent but clothing, food, ettiquette, everything!

“Ontop of that, they will start believing everything in homeland is bad. The Jews had no homeland for decades.They still identified as Jews and Israelis. It’s all in the mind.”

Zimbabweans have been accused of lacking love for their motherland. When life gets tough, they fight to get passports and leave for greener pastures instead of fighting to hold leadership to account and to right the economy.

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