Former actress Tinopona Katsande

Can we have more people like Tino, please!

FOR letting fellow countryfolks know her hustle, former TV actress Tinopona Katsande was mocked, bullied and scorned on social media yesterday.

The former Studio 263 actress had shared a photo in which she was loading crate of eggs onto the back of a van for delivery. Known as TinTin, Katsande is a versatile lady who has worked in media, film and TV and now ventures into farming. Tino is also a respectable blogger with a decent YouTube following, as well as a musician, among other ‘hustles’.

A positive takeaway from the Tino viral photo is that not all is lost for the Zimbabwean society. There are good people out there willing to support those embarking on an honest hustle. Such people quickly sprang to the defence of Tino arguing that there was nothing wrong with selling eggs adding that the Irvines’ family makes a living from selling eggs.

Deputy Chief Secretary-Presidential Communications in the Office of the President of Zimbabwe, George Charamba also chipped in to support Tino Katsande, requesting her to deliver crates of eggs at his Munhumutapa office.

Agribusiness e-tailer Kuda Musasiwa, a friend of Katsande’s, said she was proud of Tino’s hustle and there was nothing to be ashamed of in proper vending.

“Last weekend I was with my Sister Tino at my parents crib for lunch. My mom does Road runners, Broilers and Rabbits. My wife and I do veggies. I’m proud that my sisters chickens are producing eggs and shes selling them. People need to eat. Daily. Nothing to be ashamed about,” said Musasiwa, founder of Fresh-In-A-Box.

Politician and women’s rights defender Linda Masarira praised Tino for being a hardworking woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty for a living. “Tino is young entrepreneur. We are all Zimbabweans before we are affiliated to a political party. There are times we should learn to separate political party affiliation from one’s personal life and business ventures. Stop the hate, spread a bit of love.”

Egg business: Tino sells eggs, among other hustles.

Journalist Maynard Manyowa pointed out that a society that laughs at its producers such as farmers was a broke society. “So we laugh at farmers now. I have lived in Hong Kong, Nairobi, Bangkok and England. The wealthiest people I know are either farmers, miners or stock guys. And all these guys get their hands dirty.”

The fact that she was harangued for portraying an honest living shows how brainwashed and toxic the Zimbabwean society is. The good thing is, Tino seems unperturbed by the harassment and has even dared her detractors to just watch as she steps onto he next level in her business.

After all, who doesn’t but from vendors? OK Mart is just a vendor, and so is Pick ‘n Pay and Chicken Inn.

Zimbabwe is an agro-based economy and the more its people produce locally, the better for everyone. Instead of ridiculing the producers of food, the nation must be united in promoting such hustlers so they wake up even more motivated to produce some more.

With more and more youths getting sucked into crime and drugs and even outright laziness, it must be a breath of fresh air to realize that there are some like Tino who want to earn an honest dollar in this trying economy.

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