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WATCH: UK-deported Zimbabweans land in Harare, bundled into ZUPCO buses

AT LEAST 14 Zimbabweans who last night were deported from the United Kingdom for criminal activities have arrived in Zimbabwe and have been taken away under police escort.

The Zimbabweans, many of whom had been in the UK for decades and have British children, are part of a larger group of up to 150 who are no longer wanted in the UK. The British Government said the Zimbabweans abused British hospitality by turning to a life of crime.

Fifty were up for deportation yesterday, but some secured last-minute temporary reprieve after their lawyers successfully argued for a halt to the deportation. However, they still could be deported in the next few days as the legal battles unravel.

At least two other Zimbabweans set for deportation last night dramatically jumped off a second floor of holding facility in London, and were saved the deportation, according to British media.

The 14 who were not-so-lucky were bundled into a charter plane and left London at 11:00pm last night. They arrived this morning at the Robert Gabriel International Airport in Harare, only to find police and ZUPCO buses waiting for them.

Eyewitness accounts say the deportees were bundled into two ZUPCO buses which then sped away, supposedly to a holding facility where they will be in quarantine.

All the while, police in a Ford vehicle escorted the buses to the as-yet unknown destination. Families of the deportees were not allowed to see them, eyewitnesses say. Watch the video below:

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