Passion Java presents the new cars to Madam Boss and Mai TiTi

Passion Java gifts Madam Boss, Mai TiTi luxury Mercedes-Benz cars

HIGH-RIDING preacher Prophet Passion Java has gifted comedienne Felistas Murata aka Mai Titi and Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss with top-of-the-range Merceds-Benz luxury C-Class sedans.

Madam Boss and Mai Titi’s reunion seems to be paying off a great deal as Passion Java presented them with this vehicles this Friday, setting them off on a cruising weekend.

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Prophet Passion Java took to social media to announce the development.

Madam Boss and Mai Titi who could not hide their happiness took to social media to thank Prophet Passion Java for buying them new cars.

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Posting on social media  Mai Titi’s vowed not to let anything come between her friendship with Madam Boss. She wrote;

“As we welcome our new babies to our Garage this is what Passion Java did for us on a Friday New Rides.
Thank you so much Prophet
Thank you Panjap Motors Panjap
Madam Boss let no Devil come between us ever  @prophetpassion”

Madam Boss and Mai Titi surprised many a few days ago when they posted pictures together in Harare.

The two reconciled during the time when legendary Rhumba star, Koffie Olimide landed in the country to do a collabo with musician “Roki”.

It is not a secret that the country’s best female comedians were once frenemies. Last year, the two had a huge fight that saw Madam Boss firing shots at Mai Titi calling her incompetent. Her followers joined the discussion and dragged Mai Titi on the former’s behalf.

But, it seems like all that is now water under the drain.

As a way to strengthen their bond, the two amazing stars were sponsored with a luxurious trip to South Africa.

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