Robert Mugabe Junior and Hillary Makaya

Robert Mugabe Jnr’s ex-girlfriend sucked in hair products fraud

ROBERT Mugabe Jnr’s model ex-girlfriend Hilary Makaya has been accused of not paying for hair and beauty products in 2017.

Hilary Makaya who is one of the most decorated models in the country is being accused of being a fraud.

A business lady who identified herself as Duchess said the model in 2017 ordered hair from her and said she would pay as soon as she received her package.

However upon receiving her package Hilary did not pay as they had agreed. The model is then said to have blocked the lady on her WhatsApp number.

However, in efforts to claim her money, the seller then DMed the model on her Instagram account in 2020 and was told by Hilary that she had relocated to South Africa.

She said she would make a plan to pay the hair but she did not honour her promise. Now the lady has decided to expose the model. Check the post below.

Makaya has yet to respond. A few week ago, Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall revealed that Hillary had paid him ‘thousands’ of dollars to make a song about her.

Speaking during a live interview on radio Enzo said, “People don’t understand that the song Hillary Makaya was all planned. The plan was to make sure that her brand could be known across Zimbabwe and in all locations.

Robert Mugabe Junior and Hillary Makaya

“With my numbers I came in and did a song, Holy Ten dissed me for singing about her not knowing that I was paid thousands of dollars for that and her social media numbers moved from 38 000 to 50 000 meaning to say the job was done.”

Hillary is a well decorated beauty queen who won various pageants in the country and internationally. The 20-year-old model was crowned Miss Teen World Heritage and Miss Zim Intercontinental pageant trophies in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

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