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UK to deport 100 Zimbabweans every month

By HourlHits Reporter

THE British Government plans to deport at least 100 Zimbabweans every month, a top lawyer representing some of the affected Zimbabweans has revealed.

This comes as the UK this Wednesday sent 14 Zimbabweans back home out of an initial batch of 50, as the rest used legal loopholes to hang onto their right to stay on the island.

Most of the deportees are convicted criminals, including very dangerous ones, both the Zimbabwean and British Governments disclosed. The two governments struck a deal sometime back for the deportations.

Andrew Nyamayaro, an attorney representing some Zimbabwean immigrants living in the United Kingdom and some who are being targeted for deportation, says Britain is planning to deport at least 100 Zimbabweans per month.

Nyamayaro said this in an interview this Friday with Studio 7 VOA’s journalist Gibbs Dube.

On Friday, the Zimbabwe Government indicated that Britain had every right to deport those it felt were undesirable on its shores. The UK Home Affairs secretary said the Zimbabweans being deported had abused British hospitality by turning into fraudsters, rapists and murderers.

The opposition MDC Alliance spoke against the deportations, saying Zimbabwe was still not safe for the deportees, most of whom went to Britain as political victims fleeing the brutal Robert Mugabe regime.

However, the UK insisted that it was safe for the Zimbabweans to be sent back home. □

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