WATCH: Madam Boss “voetsek” Passion Java’s donated car, leaves it parked

SOCIAL media sensation Madam Boss, real name Tyra Chikocho-Munetsiwa, is having the life of her dreams, and the weekend of her life, hoping from one plush ride to another at will.

The hugely talented comedienne, who only this Friday received a Mercedes-Benz C-Class luxury sedan from Passion Java, shared with her fans the life she’s enjoying when she “taunted” the vehicle as she left it parked while going out.

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Well, not really like that, but she did voetsek it, as the video below shows.

“Talking” to the car the same way a mom talks to her kid, Madam Boss said she was leaving it parked all day at home as she hopped into another of her rides: a maroon Chevrolet SUV emblazoned with Nyaradzo Funeral Services imprints.

The popular actress is a brand ambassador at the diversified organization, along with other firms and organizations she markets.

With one million plus social media following on Facebook alone, who can fault every Zimbabwean organization that wants to tap into her followers for market?

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans yesterday took to social media to expose what they believe is a deliberate plan by Zanu-PF in general and the State Presidency in particular to lure the youths vote in the next elections. News that Java handed over cars to the two rubbed some Zimbabweans the wrong way.

Leading with suspicions that the cars are an underhand scheme by Zanu-PF to lure votes was Hopewell Chin’ono, a journalist who has turned into a fierce critic of the Zanu-PF administration.

“Whilst waiting for their dinner, Buju and Shabba shared a prophecy with me. Facebook celebrities being recruited by Zanu-PF for 2023 will be greatly shocked and embarrassed when citizens reject their propaganda,” Chin’ono said.

“Zimbabweans are not stupid to vote for poverty because of a Felebrity.”

His followers largely agreed with him. Officials in the main opposition MDC Alliance declined to comment, apparently fearing they could upset their own applecart as some of their supporters are also fans of Madam Boss and Mai TiTi. □

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