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FULL LIST: Names of deported Zimbabweans and their horrific crimes

One deportee raped students he taught and proceeded to rape a fellow teacher. The other laughed in a woman’s face as he pinned her to a bed and raped her and then told her that he was HIV positive and had hepatitis C. The other two men celebrated raping a 13-year-old girl by giving each other a high-five.... These are some of the dangerous criminals the UK sent back to Zimbabwe last Thursday... READ MORE


ZIMBABWE last Thursday received a group 14 deportees from the United Kingdom who the British Government said had abused its hospitality by committing violent crimes ranging from rape to murder and fraud.

All in all, the 14 deported had 75 years in prison among them. These are the first in a long list of deportations to be made in the coming months, with about a 100 to be sent back to Zimbabwe every month.

In this article, HOURLYHITS.COM looks at the fourteen who arrived in Harare last Thursday and the horrific, violent crimes they committed. The 14 are currently under Government care awaiting their release into society.

  1. Tafadzwa Rungo (41)

Rungo was handed an 18-year year sentence by Canterbury Crown Court for raping a woman infront of her child in the most inhumane manner. A full trial convicted him on three rapes and an assault causing actual bodily harm.

Rungo was described by the KentOnline newspaper as a “devil” rapist who attacked his victim in front of her child and carried out his brutal assault while talking about Satan and the Devil.

During her evidence, his victim told a jury at Canterbury Crown Court how his eyes turned blood-red during the ordeal. Canterbury Crown Courtwas “possessed” as he grabbed her around the neck and began strangling his victim.

Tafadzwa Rungo

Rungo screamed vile insults at his victim before punching her in her face, head and back – as her young child watched in horror. He then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill her and the child, the court heard.

  1. Lovemore Dube (37)

Dube laughed in a woman’s face as he pinned her to a bed and raped her and then told her that he was HIV positive and had hepatitis C. He was jailed for nine years with two years suspended.

Born in Zimbabwe, Dube has a South African passport and arrived in Ireland in 2005. In court, he pleaded guilty to raping the woman in her home in Cork, and to the theft of house keys, on July 23rd, 2012.

  1. Tingale Thinkwell Jabangwe

Jabangwe was an Uber driver who preyed on drunk passengers and raped them. He was jailed for 5 years after he attacked and raped women who were at a house party in Bradford.

Thinkwell Jabangwe
  1. Myles Manyika

Manyika told his rape victim ‘I do not care’ when she begged him to stop. He was 25-year-old when he raped a British woman and ignored the woman’s desperate pleas to stop as he stripped her off and subjected her to the brutal attack after they shared a taxi. Myles Manyika was jailed for 11 years after he forced himself on a woman in her own home and sexually assaulted another victim just weeks later.

Myles Manyika

He then made her perform a sex act on him and raped her again the following morning after saying, ‘You are looking at me like I am a monster’.

  1. Wilfred Marodza

Marodza was jailed for 28 years in 2019 after he was involved in credit card fraud scam where lots of people lost their money, and also rape.

He pounced on the victim, in her twenties, in the early hours as she walked along Great Dover Street in Borough, grabbing on to her neck and threatening her. He forced her into a secluded part of Dickens Fields.

  1. Owen Madivani

Madivani is a former teacher who was thrown into jail for armed robbery and rape. At one point he raped the school kids before proceeding to rape their teacher.

Owen Madivani and (insert) the school where he used to teach

Before his arrest Madivani was the subject of sexual complaints by three female staff at The Towers School and Sixth Form Centre in Ashford, Kent, where he worked. Madivani also raped another teacher at a hotel after she got drunk during a night out at an education conference.

  1. Washington Kavhayi

Kavhayi is a former Bhundu Boys guitarist. He was entenced to 12 years in jail for various crimes including drugs dealing. He also served 6 years for rape.

Washington Kavhayi

Kavhayi previously avoided jail by claiming that the songs he previously did would land him in trouble with Robert Mugabe.

  1. Archibald Guruve (46)

Archibald Gururu was recently released from prison after he was convicted of beating his wife to death and mutilating her body.

On 25 March 2010, Gurure then 35, of Humberstone Road, Leicester, killed Julia Mubvuma then 44, at her flat in the city.

According to media reports then, Leicester Crown Court heard in January 2011 that Mubvumba was beaten in a drunken argument and suffered injuries including having her liver removed and a finger cut off. Gurure pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to serve a minimum of 18 years.

  1. Washington Chogugudza

Chogugudza was arrested by British police on allegations that he raped his 17-year-old daughter over a period of time. Chogugudza was a respected church elder in his community, before he got arrested by police in dramatic circumstances.

According to his Facebook profile, Chogugudza was a Pastor at Showers of Mercy Ministries International.

  1. Patrick Gwatidzo

Gwatidzo raped his first victim, who was 21, at a flat in Glasgow on 8 September 2010. He raped a 25-year-old woman at another flat in the city on 7 December 2014.

In his defense, he claimed the victims were making up cases against him, but a full trial found him guilty.

  1. George Webster

Webster was a chef who raped two women in separate sex attacks at Scottish hotels was jailed for six years in 2015. Webster assaulted his first victim in Perthshire before striking again in an attack on another woman in Inverness-shire almost a year later.

  1. Jenatry “Chihota” Muranganwa

In 2015, Muranganwa was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl.The judge slapped him with a five year jail term for grooming and then pleasuring himself on the innocent minor.

The sentencing clearly stated that he would be deported from the United Kingdom soon after his release.

  1. Njabula Ngwenya

Ngwenya was a teenager when he was sent to a young offender institution in 2012 for six years and four months after he admitted to rape.

Ngwenya tricked a student into an alleyway and then raped her after pretending to show her where to catch a safe bus home.

  1. Tovimbanashe Mandebvu (27)

This is the rapist described by a British judge as “one of the most dangerous men I have ever encountered” as he waa being given an indefinite prison sentence in 2013.

Mandebvu was convicted on two counts of rape, forcing a woman to engage in a sexual activity and a charge of racially aggravated harassment. However, the Whitley man, diagnosed with a psychotic illness, was considered for release by the Parole Board in 2020 after serving just seven years.

Other dangerous criminals in the UK awaiting deportation

  1. and 16. Walter Mwale (21) and Elvis Taona (24)

These two men celebrated raping a 13-year-old girl by giving each other a high-five in 2010. Mwale and Taona were sentenced to eight years in a young offenders’ institution.

The two came across a group of schoolgirls who were drunk and took advantage of one of them, ending up in a storeroom.

In sentencing them, the judge said: “The incident itself lasted really quite a short time. What I find was particularly distasteful was your celebration of the event afterwards when you high-fived each other.”

Daren Samat, defending Taona, said his Zimbabwe-born client noted to the Probation Service in a pre-sentence report “how differently women behave in the UK as opposed to his native home”. He said Taona, of Oxford, fled political persecution in Zimbabwe and that his mother works for the NHS, while his father was dead.

  1. Bonface Marova (50)

Marova, a father of four was jailed for 12 years in 2015 for attempting to rape a disabled woman in her home in the UK.

Marova invited himself into the victim’s Leicester home after she had taken pain relief medication and was drowsy. He had befriended her through a mutual friend but turned up unannounced, entering via an unlocked door and asking to use the toilet.

Leicester Crown Court was told he said to the woman, who was in her late 50s: “Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful?” She was left traumatised after he pinned her to her chair and touched her breasts before trying to rape her.

Marova denied attempted rape and sexual assault, claiming he only put his arm around her shoulders in a friendly manner to comfort her, but nothing sexual happened between them.

A jury rejected his account and convicted him unanimously on both counts. Jacqui Callan, mitigating after the verdicts, said Marova, was diagnosed with HIV in 2002 and his condition was being managed as part of a drugs trial at Leicester Royal Infirmary, with daily medication.

  1. Emmanuel Mutandi

Mutandi is a graduate of the Bournemouth University. He got 8 years in prison after being convicted of raping a prostitute in a graveyard in 2015.

Mutandi originally agreed to pay his victim £40 for full sexual intercourse. However, after the pair walked from Southcote Road to St Clement’s Church in Boscombe in the early hours of August 2, 2014, the then 22-year-old said he only had a £20 note.

The woman performed a sex act on him, but as she attempted to leave afterwards, he “grabbed” her and told her he wanted full sex, viciously battering her after the rape.□

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