WATCH: Epworth man caught with his late mother’s bones in a bag

An Epworth grave robber who claimed he had letters authorizing him to dig up his mother’s grave was caught with human skeletons in a bag he was carrying, causing a huge stir as people threatened to manhandle him for alleged witchcraft.

The unidentified man took out the human bones, including a skull, wrapped in a cloth and showed them out to the peole, while claiming that he was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church.

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In a video that circulated on social media platforms and recorded at am Epworth cemetery, the man claimed that he had the authority to exhume the bones but the crowd gathered around him and threatened to beat the living daylights out of him.

The claim that the grave he robbed was his mother’s, could not be verified.

The bizarre occurrence left onlookers shell-shocked. Watch the video below:

Last year, a Gweru resident was caught red handed, digging up a grave saying he had instructions to do so from a sangoma.

Samson Mudzingwa of Mtapa, who worked as a Gweru city council undertaker consulted a sangoma, who told him to select a grave of his choice at Mtapa cemetry and rob it.

The busted Mudzingwa insisted that he meant no harm by digging up the dead, and was arrested and taken to court. ■

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