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Prayer saved me from drug addiction: Dobba Don

AWARD-WINNING Zim dancehall chanter Dumalisile “Dobba Don” Mehlomakhulu says he lost his teeth due to excessive drugs intake.

The chanter recently grabbed headlines following the circulation of a video in which he appeared visibly high, which broke hearts of many of his followers.

He regrets the life he lived as a drug addict.

“That video was real, I got into that situation after I used the drug and I wasn’t myself, I don’t want to lie.

“I didn’t know what was happening, I even got arrested that day and it was a nightmare.

“During drugs, I was someone who didn’t want to be told what to do. I lost sponsors who wanted to work with me that time.

“After that video, that’s when people knew about my drug life and some were feeling sorry.

“To my surprise, some artists were dissing me and I didn’t reply since it’s not my staple.

“I give thanks to the love I got from different people not forgetting Chill Spot Family, Jamal no limits and Oskid just to mention few.

“I have a new management no,” he said.

Dobba Don said fame drove him into drugs.

“What drove me into drugs I would say is fame. I did everything during that when everyone sang along Mudendere.

“I experienced everything, so I started doing drugs as experiment not knowing it’s dangerous, just like every young ghetto boy, remember I had fame when I just finished my form four.

“I started smoking Crystal Meth, Mutoriro, Dombo among other drugs and what really drove me was fame and also along that way I met a girl who was taking drugs too.

“We fell in love both of us smoking and I actually introduced her,” he said.

Dobba Don said he regrets falling into a drug life at the peak of his song Mudendere.

“Before Mudendere, I was smoking herbs and mbanje which is common in the ghetto.

“It affected me so much because I lost friends and dignity.

“Career wise, I lost opportunities since it took so much from me and it’s been long, six years since release of Mudendere,” he added.

The talented chanter credits prayer for his transformation.

“I got out of drugs through prayer thanks to my mother, we had to seek help from pastors and counselling,” he said.

He advises other ghetto youths to quit drugs.

“Drugs never helped me but rather destroyed me. As such, artists who are on drugs need to leave them and focus on what works.

“I can even mention who are involved but no. Drugs are coming from SA that’s where it all starts,” he said.

The talented chanter is promising a comeback.

“Expect nothing but Dobba Don who did Mudendere, Mukuru, Addicted and who worked with Tammy and Takura just to mention few.

“Corona has taken also much since there are no shows, no hustle due to curfew.

“It’s hard for us artists since we were used to getting money from shows,” said Dobba Don.

He said he got his inspiration from Bob Marley and his music is mixture of different issues.

“My inspiration comes from late Bob Marley and Mudendere if you listen with deep meditation it explains about being happy in life do what makes you happy after all, listen to the lyrics that say Kana uchizvifadza neSadza wotobika mukonde wozvifadza.

“My music is not targeted on drugs only, if you check what I did before the fame, I did songs like it Unozviziva ndokuda which is a love song, I also did Addicted, a love song as well.

“What drove me to sing about Mudendere and Mukuru is my ghetto background, I grew up seeing all these things happening every day, so I believe God opened such door as a breakthrough of my music,” he added.

Source – HMetro

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