Passion Java

Passion Java charges US$210 to teach you how to fast

CONTROVERSY seems to always find a way to follow flamboyant self-styled prophet Passion Java.

In the latest issue that has created intense debate which is generating more heat than light on social media platforms, Java is charging US$210 for people to join his WhatsApp Fasting Program.

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Java has declared 21 days of fasting, where he will be praying, teaching and instructing people in a Private WhatsApp Group. The program starts Monday, 2 August and is said to be already picking up subscribers.

His program got people questioning the rationale behinds charging US$210 for peoople to fast, especially considering the so-called fasting lessons are being conducted over WhatsApp.

Some critics went as far as ridiculing the whole fasting initiative as a mere money-grabbing scheme by the Zanu-PF linked preacher.

Others, however, justified the move saying Java just like any preacher survives on money and he wasn’t forcing anyone to join his projects. What do you think?

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What do you think?

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