Mudiwa Hood

Mudiwa Hood offers a unique brand of influence among the youths

By HourlyHits Reporter

CELEBRATED Christian rapper Mudiwa Hood continues to inspire youths across the country and beyond, particularly students as he constantly urges them to not tire but to strive and be the best at what they do.

Mudiwa says a turning moment arises in one’s life whenever opportunity meets preparedness, so the best anyone can do is be prepared for the moment when it does finally arise. 

The philanthropist, singer and author is one of the most affluent young Zimbabweans who value education, at a time most influencers seem to praise wheeling and dealing only at the expense of education.

“We are the future and I want to see a generation that works hard, loves education and stays away from drugs,” Mudiwa has previously said.

In a social media post Mudiwa wrote: “I once bought a laptop and paid full tuition fees for a Howard High School student after seeing her picking up litter at Howard.”

Although on social media he is known for the flashy things in life, including owning some of the most exquisite head-turning vehicles north of Samora Machel, Mudiwa maintains that his grounding is as a ghetto raised in Chitungwiza.

“I’m just a God-fearing young man who grew up in the ghetto in Chitungwiza, but the ghetto remains embedded in me.”

But it is not only his choice of cars that shows he has a good eye for quality and a sharp taste for the fine things in life. The effort he puts in his music is quiet outstanding as the product is always polished.

Mudiwa has his unique music brand which is a fusion of rap and gospel genres. He rose to fame with songs such as ‘Ndaita Mari’ and ‘Anhu Acho Tisu’. He attended Nyazura High School and has several degrees to his name, with a doctorate around the corner.

Says the flamboyant rapper: “I chose to be a role model all students all over my country would look up to and still be hopeful. Several degrees to my name including Masters in Finance, 1st class … I am here to remind everyone who is struggling now and is hopeless that ONE DAY IS ONE DAY!!!

Your background has nothing to do with where you are going, Success is an inside job!”

Mudiwa has also authored books on financial success and motivation.

It is influencers such as Mudiwa Hood that Zimbabweans must follow, especially the young and ambitious who desire to excel to the top from an honest work ethic. – HOURLYHITS.COM

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