A father and son. Is the son his, though? DNA tests help prove that.

‘Making a man raise another man’s child must be criminalized’

By HourlyHits Reporter

MAKING a man raise another man’s child must be made a criminal offense punishable in a court of law, male activists have said.

Writing on social media, prominent Twitter character Knight Shadaya said false paternity must be made equal to rape so as to discourage women from making men raise children that are not theirs.

His sentiments quickly found backers, including opposition leader Linda Masariria who said most unsuspecting men were framed for false rape and false paternity.

“Here is something meaningful that men in Zimbabwe can do rather than trolling people and name calling independent women. Help Shadaya Knight advocate for criminalization of false paternity,” Masarira, the LEAD president, said.

“A lot of men are framed for false rape and false paternity. These men are our brothers and sons.”

Also responding to Shadaya, one person said: “It’s robbery. There should be a law to protect men from this. The man’s loss goes beyond financial loss. Imagine the psychological, emotional, social and reputational trauma the guy goes through.”

Another said: “Its actually more than that… It is also a form of child abuse… Every child deserves to know their true biological parent and that include the Father. False paternity is an offense which deserves criminalization.”

Others called for DNA testing for paternity purposes to be made affordable so that upon the child’s birth, the paternity DNA results should be attached to the birth certificate submitted to the civil registry.

DNA tests in Zimbabwe start from around US$200, hourlyhits.com gathered. This, observers said, is prohibitive and most fathers who want DNA tests done are driven away by the costs.

A report in 2019 and published by State-owned newspapers said that 60% of Zimbabwean fathers were raising children that were not theirs. The report was done based on statistics from maintenance cases at the courts as well as from DNA testing companies.

However, experts dismissed the report as heavily biased because it was drawn from a small sample size and also because the statistics were based on men who were already doubting the paternity of the children involved. – HOURLYHITS.COM

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