Some Zimbabwean ex-convicts deported by the UK Govt on arrival in Harare, July 2021

WATCH : UK-deported Zimbabweans end quarantine and go home, but one remains

By HourlyHits Reporter

THIRTEEN of the fourteen Zimbabweans who were recently deported from the United Kingdom have ended their 10-day quarantine in Norton and have been bused to their homes, except for one who said he had nowhere to go and had lost contact with his Zimbabwean family.

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The individual said he does not know where to go since he went to the UK at a tender age. He said he would first speak to his wife and family in the UK for financial assistance.

The UK recently deported an initial batch of 14 Zimbabweans who it said had abused its hospitality by turning into criminals. Among the deportees were convicted rapists, murderers, fraudsters and petty traffic offenders.

Upon arrival in Harare ten days ago, the group was rushed to the ZIPAM facility in Darwendale, Norton for their mandatory quarantine for Covid-19. The quarantine ended today and they were bused to their homes.

In a report carried by State-owned broadcaster ZBC Monday evening, two buses were provided by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to carry the deportees to their homes. One left for Harare and the other for Bulawayo, ZBC reported.

The report said some of the destinations for the deportees include Umguza in Matabeleland North, while others were destined for Hatfield in Harare.

Watch the report below:


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