National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku

Madhuku says each POLAD principal should actually get 3 vehicles

OPPOSITION National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) president Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said the vehicles that were given to Political Actors’ Dialogue (POLAD) principals recently are not enough adding that they are actually advocating for each member to receive three vehicles.

Madhuku was speaking during a press briefing Tuesday afternoon where he defended President Mnangagwa’s move to disburse over 19 brand new Isuzu D-Max vehicles to principals of the controversial dialogue forum.

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POLAD was initiated by President Mnangagwa in May 2019 and consists of politicians who lost the 2018 presidential elections by him. However, it is not a legal body and is not constituted by an Act of Parliament.

“We will advocate for a minimum of 3 vehicles to be given to POLAD members so that we are able to build our political parties. One vehicle is not enough,” Madhuku said Tuesday.

“We accept that hospitals need to be rehabilitated but that should not hinder us from getting the vehicles. Actually, the vehicles will help us improve service delivery,” Madhuku said when quizzed on the rationale of receiving vehicles from public funds.

Madhuku also said his party stood a chance to win the 2023 elections.

“What happened in 2018 is now behind us. There is no basis for one to say because we lost in the previous election and therefore we will lose in the upcoming elections,” he said.

The University of Zimbabwe law teacher added that while his party was working with the government, it still remained a stand-alone party independent of the ruling Zanu-PF.

Main opposition MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa snubbed POLAD saying the platform would never have any meaningful dialogue. He also alleged that those leaders joining the platform were bribed with cash and assets. □

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