WATCH: ‘TB Joshua was murdered’

A CHURCH leader in Lagos, Nigeria, has sensationally claimed that Temitope Balogun Joshua, aka TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was killed.

Bishop Sam Owusu of Pottersville Church International, alleged that TB Joshua was killed because he was the most popular black man in the whole world.

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Addressing his members, the clergyman claimed that he has details of who and what was used to kill TB Joshua.

Bishop Owusu suggested that the SCOAN founder was killed due to his large support from presidents and others across the world.

According to the clergyman, TB Joshua was the highest earning YouTuber across the world.

He said: “TB Joshua was killed because by history there is no black man in the world whose YouTube followers is more than a country. No president in the world has more followers in the world when compared to TB Joshua; in the world there is no single man that presidents submit to like TB Joshua.

“No single president leaves their country and attends his church like him. TB Joshua was killed because he has finished his work, I have the details but will not share it now.

“He is the highest rewarder of YouTube currency in the whole world. YouTube doesn’t pay any human being in the whole world as compared to TB Joshua because of how people follow and watch his videos.

“They killed TB Joshua because in the history of the black race, there is no black man as popular as TB Joshua. He was more popular than T.D Jakes and Kenneth Hagin. He is more popular than Bishop Oyedepo.

“He has properties, land and schools in Israel, and Philippines. TB Joshua’s death was calculated.

“What they used to kill him I know and what was used I saw, so we should be very careful.”

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Joshua was revered by people from around the world and tens of thousands of people attended his weekly services.

The charismatic preacher’s rise to prominence in the late 1990s coincided with the explosion of “miracle” programmes performed on Nigerian TV by various pastors.

His ministry professed to heal all manner of illnesses, including HIV/Aids and attracted people from around the world.

Known as the “Prophet” by his followers, he ran the Christian television station Emmanuel TV and often toured different countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

Joshua came from a poor background and was brought up by his Muslim uncle following the death of his Christian father. He died on 5 June inside his church and was buried on 8 July.

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