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Young Igwe lines up fifth album

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Sungura musician Peter Moyo has set August 18 as the date for release of his latest album Maricho KwaMoyo.

The seven track album will be his fifth after taking over the reins from his late father Tongai who succumbed to cancer.

Young Igwe, as Peter is referred, said the album will be made up of collaborations as he seeks to cement his relations with other singers.

He joined forces with dancehall music star Freeman on a song titled Rufu.

This song will likely not escape comparison with the popular song Ngaibake which featured Freeman and sungura music giant Alick Macheso.

The singer also collaborated with his close friend and singer Baba Harare on the song Sirivhiya which also featured rhumba musician Madiz.

Peter and Baba Harare have managed to forge an alliance in the entertainment industry which saw them venturing into comedy. Other songs on the album include Mwana Wedangwe, Kutaura nedenga, Mukundi Wangu and Moses Ndizarurire among others.

The musician has promised the album will be accompanied by videos and all eyes will be on the visuals and his ability to change the narrative that sungura genre lacks on that side.

Peter is among the new generation of sungura musicians who has managed to create a following for himself. He has managed to withstand criticism, in a case of turning lemons into lemonade, judging by reviews his music and live performances get on various platforms.

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