Monalisa Stephen

Instagram model says won’t post her body pics anymore

According to her, she does not have lots of plenty loyal fans and they are always there to defend her when she is body-shamed by other fans on the platform.

Nigerian plus-sized model, Monalisa Stephen has disclosed that she stopped showing off her body because people misunderstood her personality and only comment and likes her pictures when she reveals her curvaceous figure.

She noted that she has gone on a break from posting photos about her body since it was the only thing most of her fans seem to be interested in, and not in her other talents such as comics and jokes.

Monalisa Stephen

She wrote: “I don’t Have Plenty Loyal Fans and it’s okay. The only times they come out is when I’m being Bullied . So if you ever want to bodyshame me go ahead . They will Tear you into Pieces 😂But on a normal day I don’t know why you’re following me if you won’t Engage on my other Content? Don’t just follow to monitor me abeg.

“I stopped posting Bress Content because I felt you pipu are misunderstanding me.”

Monalisa Stephen is a 29 years old Nigerian celebrity who is popularly Known for posting sultry pictures, comics videos and she has also featured in some Nollywood comedy videos.

She used to show off her endowment on her Instagram page. She is about to stop posting such pictures on her Instagram page because people misunderstood her personality and they only comment and like picture if she reveal her curvaceous figure.

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