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Jonathan Moyo defends Roki: ‘Not everything linked to Zanu-PF deserves opposition’

By HourlyHits Reporter

FORMER Zimbabwean Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has urged Zimbabweans not to oppose everything done by people thought to have links with Zanu-PF as that was unhelpful in the quest tp create “a good Zimbabwe”.

Moyo made the remark in view of the criticism given to urban groover Rockford Josphats also known as Roki, whose latest video song featuring Koffi Olomide is an issue for hot debate. The song, which has smashed over 2 million YouTube streams in less than 48 hours, has been criticized by some who oppose the inclusion of Olomide’s shout out to President Mnangagwa.

Professor Moyo was Information Minister in the early 2000s when musicians such as Roki rose to national limelight, thanks in huge party to the Government directive that all local radio stations play 75 percent local content. Moyo considers that as one of his biggest legacies.

Writing on Twitter Friday afternoon, Professor Moyo expressed worry that music that should unite Zimbabweans and mend rifts was being used by some commentators to actually widen rifts.

“A good Zimbabwe for everyone will not be built unless everyone works to break barriers and build bridges across political differences,” said Professor Moyo, who has been in exile since 2017.

“Not everything with Zanu-PF links warrants opposition. Afte all has been said and done, Winky D, Jah Prayzah and Roki are among, if not, Zimbabwe’s top talents with the quality and promise to scale the music heights, contribute to the country’s GDP and create opportunities for their compatriots at global levels. They deserve everyone’s support!

“Support them, and that will help to entrench their independence; that’s really the bottom line. Their counterparts elsewhere are beyond the reach of manipulative politicians because their societies and markets support them!” said Professor Moyo.

“Would anyone say Roki is objectively in any position to actually support and aid oppression? Or is it not that, objectively speaking, Roki is the one who needs to supported and aided, in light of his self-evidently out of this world talent, but has not gotten it?”

Professor Moyo felt Roki was being unfairly criticized for a shout out done by Olomide.

“The one line and once off Mnangagwa chant in Roki’s “Patati Patata” collabo with Olomide, not by Roki whose entire performance on the song is musical, not political. And so whose support does Roki need and where’s that support?”

Moyo added that he felt talented youths such as Roki and Zimbabwean international footballer Tino Kadewere were being unfairly attacked for simply using their skills and talents. Kadewere was bullied om social media after he paid Mnangagwa a visit early this year.

Roki’s song, featuring Olomide and Tanzania’s Rayvanny, was produced by Oskid at the Passion Java Records in Harare. Java is a close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, Professor Moyo has said he will never rejoin Zanu-PF. He fled the country in November 2017 when the military toppled Robert Mugabe in a coup supported even by main opposition leaders including the MDC.

“It would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for me to go back to Zanu-PF, let alone to support Emmerson Mnangagwa,” said Moyo.

“Red lines were crossed in November 2017. I cannot go back to Zanu-PF still love my wife and kids. Zanu-PF will never be everyone’s party, again!” – HOURLYHITS.COM

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