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Youths rally behind Matiza’s son

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ZANU PF youths in Mashonaland East are rallying behind the son of the late national hero and cabinet minister Biggie Matiza, Batsirai for a provincial leadership post.

His presence has however unsettled others who are trying to derail his campaign for the youth provincial chairmanship.

He has received support from various youth leaders in the province. Goromonzi district executive member Anel Mahoko said they rally behind Batsirai as a way to honour his late father. 

“They know that Matiza is not a small name. The youths are demanding Matiza to lead them. The youths are saying they want to honour our late chairman JB Matiza. Batsirai is not the one who is imposing himself. Those who are saying Matiza is jumping the gun are lying. We are behind Batsirai,” Mahoko said.

Another district member Tinashe Mazengera said some youth leaders are intimidated by the presence of Matiza.

“They are intimidated because Batsirai has got potential and everyone knows that. Everyone on the ground is saying that he is the best candidate to lead youths in the province and at this stage I tell you no one will stop him. He is not disrespecting anyone but they just want to block him because he is the best candidate,” Mazengera said. 

This comes as Matiza’s family has set sights on completing projects that were started by the late cabinet minister in his home constituency, Murehwa South.

Recently, Batsirai donated to young people in Chamapango and St Cleres as he is also planning to revive his father’s legacy who was involved in the establishment of five-a-side football in the country. The late hero was also one of the directors of five-a-side football team JB Five. 

Batsirai said they want to make a difference in his home area.

“I have discovered that in terms of football activities, there’s a lot of potential here but we also noted with concern that the young footballers are facing various challenges. I am helping here in Murehwa because I have come to realise that more focus is in the urban areas.

“People put most of their sport development efforts in urban areas hence I see it fit to help the rural folks and this is also my home area. After this, we will have a five aside tournament which is the brainchild of my father,” said Batsirai.

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) and government are pushing for the country to have strong junior development programs.

“As a patriotic Zimbabwean I should support the vision of our government so that we can have a strong national team. Sport is a source of unity so I am trying to make sure that the Murehwa community is united,” he said.

The late Matiza was key in the conceptualisation and promotion of five-a-side football in the mid-1990s.

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