Hakainde Hichilema (left) and Edgar Lungu

Zambia: List of verified election results so far as Lungu trails behind

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has so far announced results from some constituencies in the Zambia national elections held on August 12. Out of 15 constituencies in the total 156, HH has 171,604 votes and incumbent President Edgar Lungu has 110,178. Most votes are from Lungu’s PF stronghold.

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NOTE that: ECL = Edgar Chagwa Lungu; HH = Hakainde Hichilema.


Feira Constituency

ECL 6,537
HH 4,450

Mwansabombwe constituency
ECL. 13,274
HH 4,493

Moomba constituency
HH 14,320
ECL 194

Malambo Constituency
ECL 13,347
HH 16,169

Lufubu Constituency
ECL 2,475
HH 3,675

Zambezi West Constituency
HH 7,088
ECL 1,740

Kabompo Constituency
HH 17,411
ECL 1,490

Nchanga Constituency
HH 19,045
ECL 14,764

Lupososhi Constituency
ECL. 16,229
HH 6, 092

Ikelengi Constituency
HH. 13,958
ECL 1,301

Manyinga Constituency
HH 17,566
ECL 1,588

Chirundu Constituency
HH 20 543
ECL 2992

Mkushi North
ECL 16,546
HH. 14,509

Kaumbwe Constituency
ECL 10,728
HH. 3,773

Rufunsa constituency
HH 8,512
ECL 6,973

Consolidated from 15 constituencies out of 156

UPND HH – 171,604
PF ECL – 110,178
UPND is leading with 61,426 votes
141 constituencies to go

Next update will be at 11:00hrs – ECZ

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