Zanu-PF fights turn ugly as Ziyambi goes after Mnangagwa’s ‘nephew’

Musengi, Timothy Masviba, Givemore Nyanhowe and Taurai Bota, are also accused of name-dropping the party’s national leadership in the alleged takeover of gold mines in the province.

ZANU PF Politburo member and former Mashonaland West Provincial Chairperson Ziyambi Ziyambi who is also the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has described Mashonaland West as the worst province when it comes to tarnishing the ruling party’s image on social media.

This comes as the ruling party’s Mashonaland West provincial youth chairman Vengai Musengi was accused by Ziyambi of fanning divisions and grabbing lucrative gold mines using the party name.

Musengi is widely seen as a possible contender for the provincial chairmanship vacated by the Justice minister two months ago. Musengi also allegedly claims he is the President’s nephew.

A Zanu PF provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meeting held at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) Thursday generated more heat than light as Ziyambi chided Musengi for trying to wrestle gold mines using the party name. Musengi was also blasted for name-dropping top party leaders in his alleged shenanigans.

“We have become the worst province, with Zanu PF members taking their fights to social media. I was shocked when l was elevated to the Politburo, l thought it was going to be an occasion of celebrating, but it became an occasion for fighting for the chairmanship. It became an occasion to say ‘there is a vacancy and l should be the one to fill the position’. Insults were exchanged on social media, and up to this day members are still attacking one another,” Ziyambi fumed.

 “We don’t have party policy that says we must go out there and grab mines. We must mind our language and desist from actions that soil the party name by saying AAG has endorsed takeover of mines. Zanu PF affiliates wait for the party to make policy and give direction accordingly which affiliates then follow.

“I don’t want members claiming the Justice minister was there when it was agreed that property rights must be violated, no, no.”

The meeting was held to prepare for the party’s national conference which will be held in Bindura in the month of October.

Musengi, and his leadership team, are being accused of wrestling gold mines from an empowerment trust, Zuvarabuda Empowerment Trust (ZET), which is wholly owned by the governing party. ZET has since lobbied President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stem the shenanigans of the party’s youth provincial leadership.

The accused officials including Musengi, Timothy Masviba, Givemore Nyanhowe and Taurai Bota, are also accused of name-dropping the party’s national leadership in the alleged takeover of gold mines in the province.

Musengi allegedly imposed his team at Pickstone Peerless Mine in Chegutu replacing the party youths who had initiated the empowerment project. Also at Midwinter Mine (4 Stumper) Pickstone area, the all-too-powerful youth chairman is said to have imposed his gangs to loot gold.

Reports further claim that Musengi allegedly worked in cahoots with Breckridge Mining Directors to displace Danangwe District Youth Mining Co-operative (DDYMC). DDYMC and Danangwe District Youth chairman Stewart Luckford are said to have resisted Musengi’s takeover bid.

Meanwhile, the Zanu PF National People’s Conference will be held virtually with only central committee members and Politburo members attending the conference in person whilst other delegates will follow the proceedings virtually from their respective provinces.

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