Sean Mnangagwa in his all-new Rolls-Royce Dawn

Sean Mnangagwa takes delivery of US$360,000 Rolls-Royce supercar

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s twin son has taken delivery of a Rolls Royce – triggering questions over the source of his wealth.

Pictures emerged on Sunday of Sean Mnangagwa – a soldier – collecting his expensive new wheels at a bonded warehouse at the Boka Tobacco Auction Floors.

The US$360,000 car is believed to have been imported from South Africa. Including customs duty, Mnangagwa would have pain in excess of US$500,000 for the Rolls Royce Dawn.

Pictures of the new car stirred a storm on social media, with many claiming that Sean had no known business that could afford him the lifestyle and car he has acquired. They accused him of benefitting from corrupt links using his parents’ political power.

MDC Alliance youth leader Tererai Obey Sithole warned that his party will end all “looting” when it comes into power in 2023, and that the looters will be jailed.

However, Zanu-PF youth leader Tendai Chirau urged Zimbabweans to invest in mining and farming if they wanted the lifestyle Sean enjoys.

Responding to Sithole, Chirau said: “If you continuously make noise on tweeter and fail to work. You will think that owing and driving good cars is corruption. We have people who have investments in farming and mining who are making it. They can even afford ten of those of they so wish. Wakaswera uchiwawata the best car you can buy is a Toyota Wish!”

Chirau said it was possible to reap huge returns in mining, where another Zanu-PF supporter Scott Sakupwanya has turned into a millionaire.

“Those who invest in mining get huge returns and can afford any car. As a matter of fact we have many private citizens with such cars. Quick to come to mind one Kevie from Kadoma,” said Chirau.

According to the Rolls-Royce website, the Rolls-Royce Dawn has a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V-12.

“It pumps out 563 horsepower, making the Dawn as fleet as it is sexy. At the test track, the Dawn rushed to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. It moves gracefully and deliberately, and it cossets passengers even when driving over the harshest potholes.

Sean Mnangagwa’s Rolls-Royce Dawn has a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V-12.

“The eight-speed automatic transmission is tuned for tranquility. It uses GPS to determine when it should change gears, considering whether the car is going uphill, downhill, or around corners,” says the luxury automobile maker.

Motor gurus, however, say if one wants a sharper, more athletic grand-touring convertible, perhaps they should look at the Bentley Continental GT, which is both faster than the Dawn and sportier to drive.

Occupants will be dazzled by the gorgeous butter-soft leather and acres of real wood trim. Buyers can opt for a massaging function for the front seats and thick lambswool floor mats that pamper the tootsies of anyone lucky enough to come along for the ride.

As for storage space, the Dawn’s trunk is on the small side for a large car—blame the convertible top for that—but it should provide enough space for a pair of carry-on suitcases.

Sean Mnangagwa is believed to be the owner of Panjap Motors which sells luxury cars in Harare and is fronted by Fally Pupa. –

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