Chief Mupakwa of Bikita

Bikita’s 72-year-old Chief Mupakwa caught caressing girlfriend (PHOTOS)

By HourlyHits Reporter

A 72-YEAR-OLD traditional chief from Bikita West, Chief Mupakwa, has set social media ablaze after photos of him caressing a much-younger girlfriend inside his Government-issued vehicle were leaked on social media.

The steamy photos which were leaked from the Chief’s mobile phone, have stirred controversy with many Zimbabweans blasting the elderly man of behaving like a wayward teenager.

In one of the photos, the woman is touching the chief’s privates while starring directly into the camera. In two other photos, the Chief is performing a sexual act on the woman.

In one of those photos, the two are looking directly at the camera, indicating that perhaps the photos were taken with their knowledge and consent.

WARNING: Some may find the following images disturbing

Chief Mupakwa caught caressing with a much-younger girlfriend

Many commented that Chief Mupakwa was failing to set exemplary behaviour and might find himself in trouble with the Chief’s Council. Others wondered how he would run traditional courts and rebuke wayward members of his community if he was setting such a low standard.

But Chief Mupakwa might not be the only one to be caught in an embarrassing incident recently.

Chief Mupakwa caught caressing with a much-younger girlfriend

His fellow traditional leader, Zhombe’s chief Gwesela embarrassed himself by posting a pornographic video on his WhatsApp status last year.

Chief Weight Gwesela then blamed his phone for the mistake. The chief posted a video of people having sexual intercourse and subsquently sent an apology.

The apology read, “I am sorry for those who viewed my status my phone has got a problem,” he said.

Chief Mupakwa caught caressing with a much-younger girlfriend

Traditional leaders in Zimbabwe undertake important responsibilities especially in rural areas where 67 per cent of the population resides. Traditional leaders deliver various government responsibilities in some parts of Zimbabwe where the State has no or a limited presence.

While Chief Mpakwa is a self-proclaimed Zanu-PF supporter, he has previously come under crossfire from Zanu-PF bigwigs for entertaining members of the opposition parties.

“I am a victim of political mind games since 2013… We are often accused of things that we don’t know. We receive threats from politicians who want to win elections at all cost,” he said previously.

“For your own information, I am purely Zanu PF and I vote for Zanu PF but I can not force people to vote for a certain individual or a political party … but its easy for politicians to accuse us saying we are not as aggressive as they expect,” said Mupakwa.

The Chief is said to be related to Presidential spokesperson George Charamba by way of their clan lineages, in which the Mupakwa, Charamba and Marozva families are linked. □

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  1. This is what happened. l will leave to be the judge.

    There is an ongoing fight over hushe hwekwaMupakwa between the two families and Bhadharai . Vose they are vana Gono chirandu. So the current chief’ phone developed a fault and he took his phone for repair kwaNyika growth point’. Unfortunately, when they were repairing the technician was a friend/ relative to the other family contesting for hushe. They downloaded the pictures from the chiefs’ phone and sent them on social media ( Whoever did it is geared towards driving a fight between the two and blackmail the two families and the current chief’ in particular). Not to say what happened is commendable but his privacy was exposed by the technicians. Apparently, chieftainship dispute is the one that caused all this.

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