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War veterans will never let Chamisa get into power, says Charamba

ANY hopes that opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa will one day be State President were just blasphemy because the war veterans will never allow that to happen no matter what, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has said.

In a tweet on Tuesday evening, Charamba said President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his generation did not go to war so that they will hand over the country to Chamisa on a silver platter.

The statement appeared meant to checkmate the renewed optimism by MDC Alliance leaders and supporters that Chamisa can win the 2023 elections in Zimbabwe following veteran Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s victory in the presidential election held on 12 August.

Hichilema, who Charamba labelled a sellout before his win, was contesting for the presidency for the sixth time. Hakainde’s win wildly excited Chamisa, who highlighted that 2023 was his turn to defeat Mnangagwa. But Charamba poured cold water on that and indicated that elections were not going to change the power dynamics in Zimbabwe, indicating that only those who fought the war can decide who governs.

Kwaa kufunga kuti madhara ehondo anongopfeka hovhorosi kuti Chamisa agotonga hake??? Imika imi, ityai Mwari! (Losely translates to: Do you think these war veterans just wear overalls so that Chamisa can govern? Come on, revere God).”

The tweet torched a storm on social media.

The MDC Alliance said Charamba was deeply troubled by the opposition win in Zambia and was instilling fear in young people, who the party said must continue to register to vote despite the intimidtion.

“The people who fought during the war of liberation are suffering like all of us. Only ED and his children nana Jamwanda (Charamba) are busy looting our resources,” said Chalton Hwende, MDC Alliance secretary-general.

“The youths must continue registering to vote and mobilize for a people’s victory. The liberation struggle history and legacy will be better protected by (MDC Alliance) President Nelson Chamisa and genuine war veterans will be taken care of by the state.”

Said Professor Jonathan Moyo, a former Cabinet Minister: “Madhara enyu ehondo nemahovhoroso are now the most vulnerable tiny winy segment in the population, in the army, in political parties and even in their families. Be a rational & ethical advisor Cde; tell them the truth, they better go peacefully; or else their exit will be tragic!”

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