Zodwa Mkandla and Genius Kadungure

Zodwa has undying love for Ginimbi, explains why he changed ladies ‘every week’

SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur Zodwa Mkandla has said even though her marriage to late socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure collapsed many years back, she remained closer to Ginimbi than any of the “slay queens” he dated subsequently till his death.

Ginimbi died in November last year when his speeding Rolls-Royce veered off the road and hit a tree before going up in flames. At his funeral, Zodwa, popularly known as Zozo in social circles, played centre stage and was constantly seen surrounded by Ginimbi’s close family.

Speaking as a guest on Chamvary’s show on Power FM’s Centre Stage program this week, Zodwa disclosed how she started dating Ginimbi and how he never lasted a week with a single lady after their break-up.

Zodwa said it took Ginimbi four good years to convince her to love him, while she declined his advances each time he came after her like a “stalker”.

“Ginimbi kept coming to my office like a stalker and I kept saying no to his advances. After so many times of trying, four years later one thing led to another we got into a relationship and I realized he was such a nice guy despite what people say, Genius was such a nice guy,” Zodwa said.

Zodwa is the managing director and the owner of Traverze, a leisure and business travel Management Company.

Zodwa revealed that one day she said to him ‘if you want to date me you must take me to Hawaii first’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry ndichakuendesai chete’.

Zodwa is the managing director and the owner of Traverze

The rest, as they say, is now history as the two went on to become a celebrity couple. The duo subscribed to the notion that age is just a number since she is eleven years older than him.

Zozo and Ginimbi always referred to each other as husband and wife even though they did not officially legalized their union. The duo had two daughters, Precious Mutunzi from Zodwa’s past relationship with Mutunzi and Melisa Kadungure from her relationship with Ginimbi.

Zodwa explained why so many girls who threw themselves at Ginimbi’s feet would not last a week with the tycoon, adding that she would visit Ginimbi at his Domboshava mansion and would see many different ladies each week.

“Ginimbi never really cared about the girls he was with and that he would never be with the same girl for more than one week. That’s why he never stayed with anyone. He would say ‘if it’s not you that I am marrying then there’s no one’.

“Even those girls who were with him and tried to be with him didn’t understand why we were so close and when I showed up he would be with me instead of them.

“He never stayed with one girl for more than one week. He was never serious with any of those girls.

“Actually we were more of friends than anything else which is why even after we broke up we continued talking and calling each other.

Actually we were more of friends than anything else, says Zodwa

“I spoke to Genius everyday of my life when he lived. We talked every single morning. People didn’t understand why we were that close,” said Zodwa.

Zodwa has great respect for Ginimbi and said the respect and care they had for each other was mutual and deep.

“We cared so much for each other which is why even his family said to me ‘this is your husband bury him the way you want,” Zodwa said.

The late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s former wife Zodwa Mkandla (right) and Kadungure family members, who included the deceased businessman’s father Mr Anderson Kadungure (second from right)and sisters Nelia (in red dress) and Juliet, leave the offices of the Master of the High Court in Harare. — Picture: Kudakwashe Hunda

Ginimbi was known for his lavish birthday parties held annually at any chosen destination in Southern Africa, on land and on sea and beaches alike. His last birthday bash in Harare reportedly cost US$50,000.

He had business interests in gas and petroleum. However, his lifestyle drew the attention of many because of his acquisition of supercars. His latest was a Ferrari 488 Spider to join other cars such as Range Rovers, a Lamborghini, a Bentley and a host of Mercedes-Benzes, the most prominent one being a G Wagon.

Zodwa told Chamvary that everything was in order as far as Ginimbi’s estate are concerned.

Zodwa was born in Bubi, Matabeleland South province, and attended most of her education there in rural schools. While growing up, she aspired to become a teacher, but fate had other plans for her.

Her father introduced her to Nelson Samkange, who was in the tourism industry. After a few interactions, Mkandla knew that she wanted to venture in the tourism industry. She began her career as a receptionist for a prominent travel consultant in the country.

In 2013, she left the job and started her leisure and business travel company known as Traverze. She is the managing director of the company. Traverze Travel Company has its headquarters in Zimbabwe but has also gained roots in other countries.

Zodwa Mkandla is one of the most successful businesswomen in Zimbabwe. She has defied all odds into becoming the owner of one of the most successful travel agencies in the country and beyond.

Learn more about Zodwa here, as she speaks about her life and goals:

Zodwa was last month named by the ruling Zanu-PF Politburo among a committee of business persons who are raising US$140 million for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-election bid for the 2023 elections. The team includes millionaire gold dealer Scott Sakupwanya and business tycoon Philip Chiyangwa.

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