Former South African President Jacob Zuma

ANC tells Zuma it ‘cannot help’ him in arms deal case

The ANC has told former President Jacob Zuma that the financial statements he has requested were damaged in a flood. 

The ANC’s lawyers, Mncedisi Ndlovu and Sedumedi Attorneys, had written to Paul Mashatile to ask for the financial statements in an effort to prove that he didn’t benefit from the arms deal.

Mncedisi, Ndlovu and Sedumedi (MNS) Attorneys have said the governing party has responded in writing to inform Zuma that the documentation is no longer in the party’s possession.

Senior associate at MNS Attorneys, Kanabo Skhosana, said: “We (MNS Attorneys) act on behalf of the ANC in respect of the request for information that was sent to the office of the treasurer-general, Paul Mashatile, of the ANC [by Zuma’s legal representatives, Thusini Attorneys].”As per our client’s instructions, we wrote the letter indicating that our client is not in possession of the documents requested by the legal representative of the former president JG Zuma,” Skhosana said.

In the letter Skhosana referenced, which was sent to the ANC through Mashatile, the ANC said it had “diligently searched for the documentation requested” but, “despite its best endeavours, the documentation could not be found”.

According to the ANC, “all party documentation predating 2005, [was] damaged and/or destroyed as a result of flooding which occurred in the building where such documentation [was] archived”.

The governing party also claimed that no auditing was conducted on all financial statements for the period commencing in 1997 up to and including 2000.

This response came after the imprisoned former president, through his legal representatives, wrote to Mashatile to request the financial statements that, according to his legal representatives, would exonerate him from having benefited financially or otherwise from the infamous arms deal contract.

Thusini Attorneys also wrote that the former president made the request only so that he could “extricate himself from the narrative entrenched both in the ANC and outside that he was involved in the corruption that involved the procurement of arms in the so-called arms deal”.

Zuma’s request was made to the ANC in a letter dated 20 July 2021 and the response from the governing party’s was sent on 5 August 2021. – News24

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