A scene at Bulawayo Charge Office

ZRP neighbourhood cops arrest two soldiers for robbery

TWO members of the ZRP neighbourhood watch committee turned into heroes on Sunday when they apprehended two serving soldiers who were going around assaulting and robbing civilians of their hard-earned cash in Bulawayo.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

The two soldiers are Mbonisi Ncube (20) and Peace Maphosa (21) and they are stationed at 2.1 Reserve Force Battalion, Mt Darwin. They went about robbing people after they accused them of violating Covid-19 regulations.

Police in Bulawayo say while Zenzo Masina (53) was walking to Lobengula West suburb from Njube suburb at around 7pm last week on Sunday after he had parted ways with his younger brother Brighton (39) he met the duo of Maphosa and Ncube.

The soldiers accused him of violating Covid-19 regulations and being out and about during curfew hours.

They grabbed him by his hand before they hit him with open hands while they demanded cash. Masina gave them US$20 and $80 and they let him free.

After about 10 minutes they bumped into Brighton while he was returning to his place and they accused him of being outside during curfew time. While he was trying to explain, they grabbed him by his throat and took turns to slap him with open hands on the face and head, said the source.

They demanded money, but he could not give them anything because he had nothing on him.

Their luck ran out when two neighbourhood watch committee members arrived and apprehended them. They took them to Njube Police Station leading to their arrest.

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