Ginimbi’s girlfriend shows off pregnancy by another man (PHOTOS)

ZAMBIAN beauty and singer Shadaya Zaher shocked fans after she revealed her baby bump which from the looks of things is close to being delivered.

Shadaya made headlines last year when she revealed she and late Zimbabwean millionaire Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure were dating, and that Ginimbi seduced her with his red Rolls-Royce supercar while she was with another man and she fell flat for him.

Shadaya with Ginimbi: “We met on Instagram and he invited me to South Africa.”

Although it was not a serious relationship, the singer revealed Ginimbi will always hold a special place in her heart as she even disclosed that she spent a whole night with him the first day they met.

Showing off body curves appears to be one of Shadaya‘s hobbies. The African Barbie leaves her fans mouths watering over her as she shows off her banging body in new sexy photos.

“Well, it’s FriYay! And you know, your favorite has served us what Yay looks like on a Friday.”

Shadaya Zaher shows her new pregnancy (LATEST PHOTO)

Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes, so Shadaya chucked them off and got in her barest elements while posing for the camera.

Shadaya Zaher (OLD PHOTO)

Taking to the Instagram, the African Barbie has scooped two sexciting photos of herself flaunting her clear abs.

In her post, she’s seen in black lingerie, which is basically revealing some of the sexy parts of her body.

Followers gushed over the photos, saying her banging body was top-notch. Tweeps took to her comment section to share how sexy she looks in lingerie.

Shadaya Zaher (OLD PHOTO)

“She doesn’t shy away from revealing her sexy body to the world. When she does, tweeps cannot stop gushing over it,” said one fan.

“She doesn’t look a day oldee than 16,” remarked another fan.

Shadaya was born in Lusaka on March 16, 1995. She began her passion for music and her first recording was done at the age of 16, which might be seen as quite moot.

Shadaya Zaher (OLD PHOTO)

Her mum is from Chipata, Eastern Province, Zambia, while her father is Lebanese.

When she was barely 16, she got inspired by her birth name, Shadia, which means “she sings” in Arabic. She officially ignited her fire when she returned from Malaysia where she left for her studies in Hospitality Management.

The African Barbie showed us that her summer body is ready to slay as comments from fans and friends weren’t conflicting as they hailed her hotness.

Shadaya Zaher

As the Adventure Continues, Shadaya has recorded some gorgeous hits like: “Hesitate“, “No Money No Honey“, “Runtown“, “Bad Energy“, “One More Shot“, “Runaway Luv“, “Fall for Your Type” and “Like Dat“.

Her face is currently covering over 49K followers on Instagram too, which makes her a bit of a social media influencer as well.

A heavily pregnant Shadaya Zaher (LATEST PHOTO)

All things considered, Shadaya is 26 years old now, she’s still sparkling beauty as ever. And she’s still putting the fashion world to the sword as a singer, songwriter, actress, host and model.

Two weeks after Ginimbi died in a horrific road accident in November last year, Shadaya revealed that she was in a relationship with the Zimbabwean tycoon. She even flew out flew to Zimbabwe for his funeral.

She went on to say she was still trying to come to terms with it but it is hard for her.

“Gin and l had had a good relationship and l flew to the funeral because l had to. I am trying to come to terms with his passing and work has to go on,” she admitted.

Shadaya Zaher sunning off

Explaining how she met Ginimbi, Shadaya said he seduced her while she was with another man.

“I followed him on Instagram then sent him a message and we started talking… then this one time I was flown to South Africa by another man. Whilst there I decided to link up with Ginimbi.

“He (Ginimbi) came to see me in a red Rolls-Royce… it was beautiful I’ll never forget we went to his apartment and spent the entire day together,” she revealed. Watch her speak in video below.

Meanwhile, Ginimbi’s former wife Zodwa Mkandla revealed last week that Ginimbi never lasted a week with his slay queen lovers and that was his nature.

Mkandla, a successful entrepreneur, says she remained inside Ginimbi’s heart and he would give her full attention each time she visited his Domboshava mansion, leaving his slay queen lovers unattended. □

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