Police speak on spelling errors on vehicles

By Griffiths Ncube, HourlyHits Reporter

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has said it has since corrected the spelling errors on some of its vehicles that were raised by members of the public since yesterday.

President Mnangagwa yesterday unveiled eighty pool cars for the police stations across the country, but public attention immediately shifted to the spelling errors on several of the vehicles. This has prompted the police to issue a statement.

Posting on its official Twitter handle, the ZRP says the noted errors has since been rectified.

“The ZRP appreciates and notes the concerns raised by members of the public on spelling errors by the contractor on vehicles.

“The ZRP Transport Section has since corrected the anomalies. We thank the public for the observation,” said the statement.

It remained unclear whether the printing was done in-house or through a contractor. Most Zimbabweans said whoever did the job was not thorough and did not deserve the contract. □

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