Harare man marries 13-year-old girl after being caught sleeping with her

IT is said ignorance is not an excuse at law, and that is the case with a 20-year-old Glen View man who last week married a 13-year-old girl after he was found by her mother having sex with the girl.

Munyaradzi Gwari, 20, was last week found having sex with the girl by none other than the girl’s mother.

Munyaradzi confirmed marrying the 13-year-old girl saying he did not know that it was a crime to marry the girl at her age.

“I was not forced to marry her but I had planned it; I did not know that it is a crime only to be told yesterday by my mother,” said Munyaradzi.

But H-Metro reports that Munyaradzi was actually forced by the mother of the 13-year-old daughter into marriage, saying she could not stay with a child who was no longer a virgin.

The 46-year-old mother of seven girls has since received lobola for her Grade Seven daughter from Munyaradzi.

The mother confirmed forcing her daughter into marriage arguing that she had found Munyaradzi having sex with her daughter.

“It is true my daughter is now living with Munyaradzi as his wife after I found them having sex and I could not allow her home since he had broken her virginity,” she said.

“Had it not been a question of virginity I could not have forced her into marriage since she is still going to school.

“The boyfriend promised to marry her and at one time paid for her school fees but yesterday I assaulted her for inviting her friends at her new house where she is staying with her husband.

Ndakaendako ndikamuudza kuti wave mukadzi mukuru saka zvetushamwari twake asiyane nazvo; ipapo ndipo paakaramwa akatiza pamba.

“We spent the whole night looking for her together with her mother in-law only to see her this morning (Tuesday).

“We agreed with her mother-in-law for the children to live as husband and wife and they have since paid tsvakirai kuno.

“As for her education they must make sure she continues with her education,” she said.

The daughter says that her mother allowed Munyaradzi to pay for her school fees and bought some uniforms before giving her into the marriage which she described as sour.

“I am in Grade Seven and will be turning 14 years on December 22,” she said.

“My mother discovered my love relationship with Munyaradzi and admired him.

“She asked me to take him to her for introductions and that is how it went bad.

“Munyaradzi started to treat me as his wife and went on to pay fees for one term and bought school uniforms promising to marry me when I grow up.

“Last week my mother found me in Munyaradzi’s arms and became angry and forced me to go with him.

Vakazopihwa tumari tushoma asi hey magariro acho zvakaoma zvinovava nekuti Munyaradzi wacho already haachaona runako rwangu akutotarisa vamwe vasikana,” she said.

Munyaradzi’s mother Shuvai Gwari, 46, said that she was making sure her daughter-in-law spends the day at a place away from neighbours she said were talking much about the issue.

“My son was found having sex with this young girl and her mother forced him to take her as his wife,” said Gwari.

“We had no option but to accept and we paid tsvakirai kuno and a cloth yekuti amai vasatyoke musana sezvinorehwa pachivanhu chedu.

“Our neighbours have been murmuring about this and I decided to allow my daughter-in-law to spend her time at this cabin since it is far away from our house.

“It’s one of our new stands so it is better for her to be here and this is where her mother came and assaulted her for inviting her friend who started trying on Munyaradzi’s jacket.

“She left the house following the assault only to return this morning.

“We just agreed with her mother since I am a single mother like her and we have done it amicably,” said Gwari. □

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