Mandisa Timba

MDC Alliance executive Jameson Timba in children custody wrangle

By Nancy Samuriwo, HourlyHits Reporter

MDC-Alliance senior executive Jameson Timba has been accused of refusing to hand over his daughter’s two grandchildren to their father, who is an aspiring rap musician.

Timba is deputy secretary for Presidential Affairs in the opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa.

In papers that are before the courts, Denzel Mushonga was married to Timba’s daughter Mandisa and the couple sired two children, who are still minors.

Denzel Mushonga

They seperated and Mandisa left for the United States where she is reportedly studying at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois.

The documents allege that Timba and his wife Chiedza took the minor children on the pretext that they wanted them temporary, but are now refusing to hand them back to their father, Denzel.

Mandisa Timba

The papers further show that Denzel fears the Timbas are holding onto the minors while awaiting to send them to join their mother in the US behind his back.

Denzel alleges that before Mandisa left for USA, she obtained passports for the minor children. The eldest is aged 5 and the younger is 3.

Jameson Timba

He is now approaching the magistrates’ civil courts seeking an order compelling Timba to return the children.

The matter is yet to be set down for a hearing. □

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