22-year-old MSU student appointed Linda Masarira’s spokesperson

Everjoy will probably go down in history as the youngest spokesperson of a national party leader in Zimbabwe's history.

By Nancy Samuriwo, HourlyHits Reporter

LABOUR Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) has appointed a 22-year-old university student as spokesperson for the party’s president, Linda Masariria.

LEAD national spokesperson Rosline Ncube announced the appointment of Everjoy Chidindi, who is reading towards a degree in Politics and Public Management at the Midlands State University (MSU).

“On behalf of the President of Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD), I would like to introduce the LEAD Presidential Spokesperson Ms Everjoy Chidindi.

“She is 22 and has been in active politics since the age of 18. She is a student of Politics and Public Management at MSU,” said Ncube.

Everjoy will probably go down in history as the youngest spokesperson of a national party leader in Zimbabwe’s history. Coming close to that is the late and first MDC spokesperson Learnmore Jongwe, who was born in April 1974 and appointed spokesperson for the Morgan Tsvangirai-led opposition party at its formation in 1999, aged just 25.

However, Jongwe was spokesperson for a party and Chidindi speaks for the party’s president. The fact that she is a woman also makes her appointed all the more worthy of celebration, says girl child activist Dr Blessing Marufu, speaking to HourlyHits.com.

Dr Marufu added that Zimbabweans must heed the call by the Zimbabwe Gender Commission for more women to enter politics and leadership positions.

But Everjoy is not the only young woman to have a position of influence in LEAD. The party’s national chairperson, Caroline Mutasa, is only 30.

The former Lord Malvern High School student holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies as well as post-graduate qualifications in Public Relations and Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

Mutasa recently told HourlyHits.com that she holds Masarira in high esteem and views her as one of her role models considering the immense struggle she has gone through fighting for democratization of the Zimbabwean political landscape since the days of Robert Mugabe.

Caroline Sithokozile Mutasa, LEAD national chairperson

Meanwhile, Mutasa says LEAD is pushing for young people to register to vote, and will target tertiary institutions for its awareness campaigns.

“We are already getting young people to register to vote. As LEAD we are assisting with affidavits and commissioners of oaths to ensure smooth sailing during registration when it comes to proof of residence,” said Mutasa.

“Very soon we will embark on a tertiary institution away to awareness program on the importance of voting and registering to vote.”

The party targets to reach 6 million first-time voters, one bar above Zanu-PF which aims to reach 5 million registered new members. □

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