Bulawayo cop brutally assaulted, saved by Good Samaritan

A POLICE officer in Bulawayo was this week ambushed and brutally assaulted by suspected robbers who left him for dead, only to be saved by a passing Good Samaritan.

The incident took place this week on Wednesday evening when Constable Reuben Mugudu had disembarked from car in Sizinda suburb while coming from work.

Mugudu, who is stationed at Bulawayo Central Police Station, had knocked off from work at around 8pm. As he walked home, suddenly found himself surrounded by three men who pounced on him and stoned him on the head.

The cop fell down and one of the thugs kicked him all over the body causing him to bleed from the head and mouth.

They searched his pockets but they could not find anything. They threatened to stab him and tore his shirt and left it shreds.

While they were pushing and shoving him, a man arrived at the scene and upon seeing him they fled.

The Good Samaritan came to his rescue and took him to Tshabalala police station and made a report.

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