Botswana's former president Ian Khama

Ian Khama to sue Botswana President Masisi for defamation

Sparks are flying in Gaborone.

Botswana’s former president Ian Khama says he will sue his successor, Mokgweetsi Masisi, and is calling on him to resign, accusing him of orchestrating a dirty-tricks campaign to discredit him ahead of the 2019 poll

The matter dragged in Bridgette Motsepe, sister-in-law to South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“The idea was to get us into prison [and] embarrass us,” Khama said in an interview with The Africa Report. “It became apparent very soon that [the claim] wasn’t true, at least the majority of people did not believe it.”

The Botswana High Court in Gaborone this week ruled that the terror and corruption charges brought in 2019 by the state against former intelligence official Welheminah Maswabi — codenamed Butterfly — were fabricated, and ordered action to be taken against the high-ranking officials responsible. 

The case started in 2019 but never got properly underway.

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