Zodwa Wabantu on stage

VIDEO : Man fingers Zodwa Wabantu on stage

PROMINENT South African raunchy dancer Zodwa Wabantu trends on social media as a video of her being s.e.xually assaulted by a young man while performing at a show surfaced on Twitter.

Zodwa was performing next to the DJ when a fan tried to place his finger on her private part.

The male fan was stopped by the bouncers and the Zodwa pushed him away and laughed it off. This has raised concerns on social media about the type of abuse the star often faces from fans when she is outperforming at gigs.

Zodwa is yet to respond to the video on her social media. Some social media users are debating on whether or not she was s3xually assaulted.

The entertainer isn’t complaining but people have rose to her defense, saying that what the unidentified young man did is uncalled for, and hideous.

Zodwa is known for dancing pantless or dressing almost unclad for her shows, and in videos shared, she gives the crowd free access to touch her body, but the man in the video went as far as fingering the dancer’s private part.

Her episode on Drink or Tell the Truth on Lasizwe’s YouTube channel surpassed a million views in just a couple of weeks. During the entertaining show, she spilled some tea on Black Motion member Thabo Smol. Zodwa said that they are having casual s3x.

“Right now at home there is a Ben 10, He is not famous, he works I have been in lockdown with him. I love s3x, I have everything, I love cuddling, I love having somebody at home. Imagine having a big house like this but you are alone

“When I go parting, my boyfriend has a girlfriend so I don’t care…but he has been with me endlini (at home) but he hasn’t moved in with me,” she said in part.

Following the bombshell from Zodwa, Thabo took to Instagram to address it. He asked the masses to leave the mother of his child out of the mess and said that everything happened when they were not in a relationship.

“My side of the story, okay before anything you guys need to respect the mother of my child because she was not involved, I was not seeing her I was not in a relationship with anyone at that time hence I did what I did, please respect the mother of my child, It’s fine if you judge me, I don’t care I am living my life.”

Thabo’s response was not the end of it, a couple of days later Zodwa shared a video on social media telling Thabo that she can’t be sleeping alone in the cold weather. Many thought that she was referring to the Black Motion member.

Watch the incident with a fan in the video below:

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