ZAOGA-linked ZEGU varsity bans tight clothes for female students

The newly published dress code, which targets female students only, has been described as sexist, outdated and misogynistic.

The Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) has warned its female students who wear tight-fitting clothes or tops that reveal breast cleavages that they risk being barred from attending lectures.

In a notice to all students, the office of the registrar at ZEGU wrote,



Please be advised that the new 2021 Students Handbook was uploaded on student portals. Students are encouraged to take time to familiarize with the rules and code of conduct in the 2021 Student Handbook.


We want to remind all students that:

a. ZEGU encourages students to develop a lasting philosophy of good dressing and grooming.

b. Therefore, take care of the following principle: “Tight clothing (e.g., skin tights, leg-ins) cut offs/miniskirts (anything more than 5cm above the knees), shorts, slippers, tops that reveal breast cleavages, back-outs, crop-tops/stomach-outs, bandeau, see-troughs and other kinds of inappropriate clothing are not allowed on campus (especially classes and church services) and other university related off campus functions”.

c. Lecturers can bar students from attending lectures if they are not dressed appropriately. d. Select and wear clothing which gives dignity and an expression of our God given ability to appreciate beauty, creativity, harmony, and good taste.

Established in 2012 and based in Bindura, ZEGU is affiliated to the ZAOGA church and its chancellors are listed as ZAOGA founder Ezekiel H. Guti and his wife, Eunor Guti.

The newly published dress code, which targets female students only, has been described as sexist, outdated and misogynistic.

Lawyer Daphne Magidi said: “International students don’t subscribe to misogynistic nonsense. We shall campaign against this misogynistic, sexist bigotry university that picks on how young girls at university dress instead of focusing on quality education.

“Stop the bullying behavior of dictating how women dress we are not in the 16th century; it’s 2021. Those girls you described in the memo are the reason why you are still open, so don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

“Your university is not a charity organization you don’t have the right to dictate to our girls who are paying fees how they should dress.”

Social media commentator and hotelier Vengai Mukonoweshuro described the dress code as a sign of authoritarian leadership by the church-run university.

“This is primitive and retrogressive. Zimbabwe has a serious problem of authoritarianism across the board and that needs to change. Let the girl child be free!” Mukonoweshuro said.

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