ZEGU is right on dress code, universities are not strip clubs | OPINION

By Reason Wafawarova

The Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) is a Christian learning institution in Zimbabwe.

The Registrar issued a memorandum reminding students of the institution’s Dress Code, listing a number of inappropriate clothing that includes mini skirts or dresses as “anything more than 5cm above the knees.”

I work in the public fundraising sector in Australia and we have a similar dress code, no excessive tattoes, no excessive piercing, no skirts more than 5 cm above the knees, no thongs, etc.

Breaches attract high fines and termination of employment. There is a whole Regulatory body that does random inspections on public fund-raisers.

Every dressing is legal and acceptable in its context. Individuals are free to purchase gym clothes, soccer attire, mini skirts, denims, suits, dresses, pyjamas, overalls, work suits etc.

However it is as inappropriate to attend an interview for any executive job in your pyjamas as it is to attend lectures in a night club or dinner mini skirt.

Its not even appropriate for common space such as streets, though reluctantly tolerate by today’s liberal society.

Universities are not strip clubs, gyms, nightclubs or dinner dating restaurants. They are dignified institutions of higher learning.

As such I personally see as expected and toward for ZEGU to help clear dressing matters with those students struggling with understanding what to wear at which places. I think it is part of higher learning and must as such be appreciated.

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