Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo

Bulawayo family haunted by spirit of deceased daughter | PHOTOS

By Nancy Samuriwo, HourlyHits Reporter

AN ELDERLY couple in Bulawayo says they are having sleepless nights as they constantly “see” their 22-year-old daughter in the house, even though she died in a horror car crash two months ago.

Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo (22) died at Mpilo Central Hospital after a Toyota Granvia she had boarded overturned along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road killing four people on the spot near Insuza on 8 July.

Samantha died on 8 July, 2021

She was a make-up artist and had graduated from the Bulawayo Polytechnic just over a year ago.

Samantha’s distraught father Willard Nkomo (63) and his wife Pamela yesterday said they see visions of their daughter who demands to know why she was “killed before her time”.

The late Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo

The couple added that they now have to take sleeping tablets as the daughter’s spirit keeps demanding answers throughout the nights which they cannot provide. They even see disturbing visions of her in the house.

The family told the Chronicle that all they want is for the driver of a pirate taxi their daughter boarded when she met her fate to come and apologise to them as demanded by the spirit of their child.

Marco Mabika from Gutu in Masvingo is believed to be the driver of the ill-fated Toyota Granvia, registration number, AND 2308, which crashed leading to the death of Samantha.

The late Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo

“She comes to us in dreams and in visions every day asking why the person who caused the accident is not coming to apologise.

“She also complains that she was killed before her time. She appears to me, my wife and her sister. It is tormenting us,” said Nkomo.

“We are now being forced to take drugs for them to sleep. We do not want any payment from the Mabika family but want just to perform rituals.

The late Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo

“Sometimes we just hear her voice complaining about her death, we hear screams and she asks us what we have done to address her death.

“I am therefore asking the relatives of Mabika to come forward so that we can perform some rituals and put her restless spirit to sleep,” Nkomo pleaded.

The late Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo

He said they have not been able to get assistance from police to locate the Mabika family but they believe the family resides in Bulawayo. □

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