Govt announces deadline for all vehicled without number plates

By Griffiths Ncube, HourlyHits Reporter

GOVERNMENT has acquired 37 000 pairs of number plates and another 151 000 pairs are arriving next month, Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Felix Mhona said yesterday.

Mhona said these figures are equivalent to 18 months’ supply of number plates, hence all unlicensed vehicles – including Government vehicles – won’t be allowed on the roads after 30 November this year.

Presenting a Ministerial statement in Parliament yesterday on the state of the country’s roads and the measures Government was taking to minimise road carnage, Mhona said unregistered vehicles were being used to commit all kinds of crime including hit and run accidents and robberies.

“We received adequate stocks of number plates this past month. We have about 35 000 unregistered vehicles and we have received 37 000 pairs of numbers.

“However, at the end of October, we are going to receive 151 500,” Mhona said.

He explained that the stocks were adequate because the county imports between 6 000 and 7 000 vehicles per month while issuing 3 000 licence plates per day.

“We produce almost 3000 a day and that means we can produce up to 90 000 number plates per month but the consumption of our number plates is between 6 000 to 7 000 per month.

“This means we will then have surplus number plates by end of October if we then receive our batch for 151 000. We will have almost close to 18 months’ adequate supply of number plates.

“By the first of December, it will be mandatory for every motorist to have number plates and there is no excuse. This will also manage the issues of hit and run, those that will take advantage of unregistered vehicles,” Mhona explained.

He said after 30 November, law enforcement agencies will be flat out on the road and will not tolerate any unregistered vehicles on the roads.

“Whether it is a Government vehicle, it must have number plates, and it must be licenced. Even when the vehicle is not plying, there must be a disk on the wind screen,” said Mhona. – □

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