Make defensive driving training compulsory for all drivers: Minister

By Nancy Samuriwo

TRANSPORT and Infrastructure Development Minister Felix Mhona has called for a law that compels all drivers to acquire defensive driving certification as a way of curbing road carnage.

Currently, the defensive driving certificate course offered by the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) is compulsory for public service vehicle drivers only.

Presenting a Ministerial statement on measures Government is taking to curb road carnage, Mhona said stakeholders have approached the Ministry lobbying for compulsory defensive driving certification for all drivers across the board.

“Stakeholders are currently lobbying us to make defensive driving certificates compulsory even to private vehicle drivers,” Mhona said.

He urged legislators to move with speed and come up with a legislative tool to address the anomaly.

Mhona also appealed to all motorists to observe that slow moving traffic om highways must keep to the left lane.

“It is clearly stated that slow moving traffic should keep to their left but you find someone insisting to be in the inner lane.

“A number of accidents are brought about by such kind of behavior whereby people start being impatient and start overtaking from both sides.

“Drivers that are not moving according to the prescribed road limit on that particular road should keep to the left.”

Mhona added that the problem was a mindset issue and could be addressed.

“Surprisingly, if you cross Limpopo into South Africa, the same driver would know that if you are not moving fast you keep to the extreme left. So, it is a matter of the mindset and I ask the people of Zimbabwe to take note that this is one of the major causes of accidents in our roads.”

Between January and March this year, the country experienced 7984 road crashes in which 282 people lost their lives and 1373 got injured. –

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