Zhombe gold miner rapes own Form 3 daughter hundreds of times

A report was filed at Zhombe police, where the daughter then narrated that she had been subjected to rape by her father at least once a day since January.

A GOLD miner in Zhombe has been arrested after he sexually abused his 16-year-old daughter every single day from January to 6 September this year.

Midlands Province police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the rape and thanked the officers who investigated the matter to its finality.

Luck finally ran out for 36-year-old George Moyo (not his real name) when his wife stormed into their first born girl’s bedroom, only to find George sexually abusing the juvenile just before she was to leave for school.

In his defense, Moyo claimed that he had to fulfill an awkward ritual he had entered with an unnamed witch doctor. The ritual, he said, was for him to make huge sums of money at his gold mining claim in the Midlands Province.

The matter came to light when Moyo appeared before Gokwe regional magistrate Lungile Ncube and was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty as charged.

Moyo will serve an effective 25 years in jail after the magistrate suspended 5 years on condition of good behaviour.

The State represented by Kennedy Madakutsikwa told the court that between January and September 2021, Moyo raped his daughter on several occasions for ritual purposes.

Moyo was supposed to continue raping his daughter daily for a year as fulfillment of his awkward and bizarre ritual which would have seen him make money, or so he believed.

Prosecutor Mudakutsikwa said that since January, without missing a single day, Moyo would unashamedly find time and appropriate opportunity to bed his daughter.

On occasions he raped his own first born daughter before she went to school, at night, or during whatever time he would find as long the mother and other family members were out of sight.

On September 6 this year, Mrs Moyo followed her rapist husband to the girl’s bedroom and caught him in the act. She had become suspicious after Moyo offered to go to the daughter’s bedroom to iron her school uniform.

Mrs Moyo then followed after some time and sneaked into their daughter’s bedroom door only to find Moyo raping the juvenile.

A report was filed at Zhombe police, where the daughter then narrated that she had been subjected to rape by her father at least once a day since January. She said her father would threaten her not to reveal the rape to anyone.

“We thank the officers who tracked down the case to its finality. We would like to warn such criminals like fathers who rape their own daughters for ritual purposes that the long arm of the law will catch up with them,” Mahoko said.

Locak area’s Chief Ntabeni also thanked the police for the arrest and said society did not need fathers like Moyo. Chief Ntabeni said it was “madness” for one to believe they could get rich through rape.

A relative of the Moyos said the Form 3 girl is being moved to Kwekwe where a girl child rights organization offered to take care of her scholarship needs and have her transferred from the local Zhombe school. □

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