Duo threaten to kill businessman

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TWO men have been nabbed on allegations of threatening a local businessman with death by sending him messages on social media messaging site WhatsApp.

Lourens Botha and Matthew Mullaji were not asked to plead to allegations of threats to commit murder when they appeared before a Harare magistrate this Saturday. They will spend the weekend in remand prison awaiting bail ruling on Monday.

Allegations are that sometime this month, the two together with one Dov Morgan who is still at large sent threatening messages to end the life of the complainant businessman using South African and local numbers.

“I will deal with you thoroughly. If I fail to deal with you on earth, I will f*** you in mars, sh**,” the message allegedly said.

The State further alleges that these words shook the complainant who now believes that the suspects and their accomplice will commit the crime threatened.

The State says the complainant fingered the suspects as the ones behind the threatening messages and that they are in possession of the messages.

Currently, there is an ongoing legal battle for the control of a company involving the complainant and his other business partners.

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